Á la Carte

Á la Carte (from 12.2.)

(home-made bread, butter, water are included in the price)


Shellfish-risotto    13,-

Mussel pot (mussels stewed with butter and celery)    11,-

Broiled goat cheese, salad, pine nuts, tomato jam and Worchester-honey-sauce   14,-

Escargots á la Burgundy  17,-

Main courses:

Broiled salmon filé, sauce Hollandaise, boiled potatoes, warm vegetables        26,-

Broiled pike-perch filé, mushroom sauce, butter with horseradish and vegetable roll    29,-

Beef on skewer, creamy pepper sauce, fried potatoes   26,-

Pepper steak, sauce `Cognac´, chips potatoes with garlic  36,-

Reindeer fillet, rowanberry sauce, mushed potatoes with truffles   37,-

Pork `Noisettes`, black currant sauce and mushroom soufflé   21,-


Irish-coffee Semifreddo    10,-

Chocolate cake and whipped cream with cognac  9,-

Bon Appetit!



`Gambas al Ajillo´ – Tiger Prawns and sweet chili pepper in garlic marinade                    


Elk fillet, baked apple,  date rolled on bacon and portwine sauce                      


White chocolate parfait                      


Bon Appetit!



Blini with salmon caviar 15,-


Blini with cold smoked salmon of Puumala region, mushrooms and Smetana  15,-


Blini with white fish roe  14,-


Blini with vendace roe 19,-

Welcome and bon appetit!